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Will You Be Moving Into A Home During The Holidays?

Whether Thanksgiving weekend or the full week between Christmas and New Years, the holidays may be the best time, or indeed the only time, you can plan the move to your new house. Here are some tips to make the transition smoother.

Plan Ahead:

If you have young children, you’ll want to plan a time of holiday celebration, even if it is less elaborate than you normally would.

  • Spending the holidays in a hotel: If you’ll be in a hotel over the holidays during your move, find one that is planning a holiday celebration. You might work with the hotel staff to schedule a special time to “use” the hotel’s Christmas tree to open your gifts.
  • Make sure you know which restaurants are open or deliver on the holidays. Since cooking utensils may already be packed away, don’t assume your new kitchen will be up and running. If you’re moving to a new city, knowing which restaurants will be open may require some searching on the Internet or a few phone calls.
  • Bring along some holiday spirit. Even if you’re foregoing traditional gift-giving during your move, take stockings and a few decorations with you.
  • If you’re planning to celebrate in the new home, shop online and have gifts delivered to your new home. Arrange with the local postmaster and delivery services to hold your packages until you arrive, or arrange to have them delivered to a relative or the hotel where you are staying.
  • Choose the gift-wrap option during online shopping. The last thing you need is to be looking for tape and scissors in the midst of all your boxes.

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Alpharetta Lease To Own

Lease To Buy In Alpharetta Milton GeorgiaAre you looking for a lease to purchase home in either the City of Alpharetta or Milton Georgia?

There may be a reason you are not ready to purchase a home in there area, before leasing to purchase. One reason may be that you do not yet qualify for a mortgage or that you are not completely sure where you want to live, since you are new to the area.

Alpharetta And Milton Lease To Own Properties In The Georgia MLS

A lease to purchase, is an option, rather you sign paper work to buy the property eventually, or choose to have an option to lease with an option not to purchase, in case you find that you want to move to another city of community.


Milton And Alpharetta Real Estate Market Report

Lets take a look at the 4 Zip codes that encompass the Cities of Milton and Alpharetta Real Estate Market Report. They are 30004, 30005, 30009 and 30022. The below chart is data for Single Family Homes only in these 4 zip codes and comparing closed sales, and the second graph is for active sales in the same 6 month time frame.

In the below charts, that will update with FMLS info every month, you will see the latest sold listings by month, in the last 6 months, and comparing the 4 above zip codes, as well as the numbers for active listings still for sale.

Active-Listing-All-Zip-Codes 1
At time of post, it appears that 30004 is ranking at the highest level as far as new listings on the market, while 30022 ranks highest with single family homes sold. This may change as this updates with more sold and new real estate listings, in this great area of North Fulton Georgia. Feel free to give us a call to get the latest Real Estate Market Reports for other properties types as well and visit our
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Who Chooses The Closing Attorneys When Closing A Home?

We often get the question who or how did our particular closing attorney get selected? The answer varies depending on the type of transaction. The bottom line is the client always has the right to choose a closing attorney if they so choose however it is typically to your advantage to allow either the agents or your lender to choose.

Here are some examples of different types of closings:

1. PURCHASE with NO seller paid costs:

In the event the seller is not paying any of your closing costs typically the agent(s) will select the closing attorneys. They do this as they have a well-established working relationship with the attorney and know they will get the job done. It?s a trust issue AND they know the fees will be reasonable. Since the relationship is typically long standing the attorney will work hard to make sure all is done in a timely fashion so as to maintain the relationship.

2. PURCHASE with seller paying closing costs:

In the event you?ve asked your seller to pay some or all of your closing costs it is typical that the seller would then choose the closing attorney. In this example the sellers real estate agent is who would choose the attorney not the seller themselves. Reason for this is same as #1 above. Relationship, expectations can be met, and costs are a known quantity so no surprises.

3. REFINANCE with a closing attorney:

Typically the lender will choose the closing attorney (with the clients permission of course). As a lender we typically reach out to excellent closing attorneys and negotiate a lower rate. The closing attorneys want the business and the lower rate means less costs for you the buyer. These savings can be as much as $400 per transaction.

As a consumer you have the right to choose your closing attorney. If you have a long standing relationship with an attorney just let your agent or lender know. If not we always suggest allowing us as your agent or lender give you some suggestions as we will typically know who does a great job.

To speak with a great Mortgage Company that we have great success with contact:

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The Weiner Group Continues To Experience Tremendous Growth For 2013

The Weiner Group, headed by Deborah and Brad Weiner, are experiencing triple digit growth for 2013 in the real estate market. As of end of August 2013, The Weiner Group has closed over 100 transactions and 20 Million in transactional volume. Brad Weiner states ?It?s been a banner year and we continue to enjoy working with all of the wonderful buyers and sellers who give us the opportunity and challenge to find ways to make their dreams happen.?

Deborah Weiner, who runs the marketing side of the business statesRemax The Weiner Group
?My passion is in building websites that are user friendly, yet pack powerful tools for the buyer or seller in today?s North Atlanta Real Estate Market. Keeping up with the speed of technology is quite a challenge, yet I have found ways to harness those opportunities and deliver them to our customers in an easy to understand format, providing them with tremendous tools in allowing them to easily search for their perfect home based on their own unique criteria”.

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What Credit Score Do I Need And How Much Money Down?

As a RE/MAX Real Estate Professional, I am often ask by a buyer looking for a home, How Much Down? What credit score do I need? Allow me to let you in on a best kept secret!

A Little Secret

There is a misconception out there that buyers need a substantial down payment in order to buy a home these days, due to tighter lending standards or because of the ?housing crisis? back in 2010. You may be surprised to learn that you can still purchase a home for as little as 3% down, or in some cases, for no down payment whatsoever, if the home is in a USDA area. Down payment programs include 3%, 5%, 10% or the conventional 20%.

As for credit score, lenders look for a median score of approximately 640. Factors also include annual income, job history and derogatory credit items. Even if you may have a foreclosure or short sale in your history, you may still qualify for a mortgage if it has been longer than 36 months and you have been current on all of your credit obligations.

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